Many of our cities have taken it upon themselves to move forward on climate action to supplement efforts by higher levels of government. Below, check out the custom plans our founding teams have developed to make our cities sustainable at all scales and across all fields:

Los Angeles

On April 8, 2015, Mayor Eric Garcetti released L.A.’s first-ever Sustainable City pLAn.  The pLAn is both a roadmap to achieve back to basics short-term results while setting the path to strengthen and transform our City in the decades to come. The pLAn is made up of short term (by 2017) and longer term (by 2025 and 2035) targets in 14 categories that will advance our environment, economy and equity. To reach these targets, the Mayor is calling upon organizations, universities, neighborhood councils, community groups, businesses, and individual Angelenos to commit to “Adopt the pLAn” into action. By addressing the environment, economy, and equity together, Los Angeles is moving towards a truly sustainable future. 

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Building on the City of Austin’s long history of sustainability leadership, the Austin Community Climate Plan offers a robust set of strategies and actions that will aim for net-zero community-wide greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, or sooner if feasible. Implementing this plan will help to create a vibrant, healthy, and safe Austin for future generations, as well as improve the quality of life for those who live here today. 

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"The City of Houston is working harder than ever to make Houston green. We have made a lot of progress, but more is needed. We need the help of every citizen of Houston to do their part."

--Mayor Annise D. Parker

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Greenworks Philadelphia is an ambitious plan that sets 15 sustainability targets in the areas of energy, environment, equity, economy, and engagement to make Philadelphia the greenest city in America. Originally released in the spring of 2009, the City and its partners have made many great strides toward making Philadelphia more sustainable. In 2016, the Office of Sustainability will be updating Greenworks to set new goals and targets for the next eight years and beyond.

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